Ever wondered about the ‘other side of island’?


Sunday, April 3 – Hiking

Escape ...

3:12 pm

A look at the ‘other side’ of island’ ....

For hours we walked through lush rainforest ...

*Heliconia bract shapes. Lush  ‘banana green’. Dew drops early morning, raindrops anytime ...

Sunday, April 22  – Evening reflection

5:46 pm

Sights. Sounds. Smell. Touch. Exotic fruit taste. ‘Drippy’ mango juice. Aromatic passion fruit. Cool gentle breezes.

Awakened Senses. At the ‘other side of island’ ...


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  1. *(Bracts are really the ‘modified leaves’ of many exotic flowers. Featured above, the second image from the left, are red heliconia blossoms - which are actually ‘modified leaves’).


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